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A.A.R. Equipment Diagrams


Shown below are the A.A.R. Equipment Diagrams (Plates) to which dimensions of freight cars need to comply for interchange service.


A.A.R. Equipment Diagrams for Interchange Service

Plate B








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Plate C





(see note)



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Note: Plate C unrestricted on most roads except on certain routes of those shown here:

Ann Arbor Railroad Company

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad

Boston and Maine Railroad

Bush Terminal Railroad

Canadian National Railways

Central Railroad Company of New Jersey

Chesapeake and Ohio Railway

Chicago and Northwestern Railway

Denver Union Terminal Railway

Detroit, Toledo and Ironton Railroad

Erie Lackawanna Railway

Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad

Kansas City Southern Railway

Lehigh Valley Railroad

Long Island Rail Road

Louisiana and Arkansas Railway

Louisville and Nashville Railroad

Manufacturers Railway Company

Missouri Pacific Railroad

New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad

Norfolk and Western Railway

Northwestern Pacific Railroad

Penn Central Co.

Reading Company

St. Louis-San Francisco Railway

Southern Pacific Company

Southern Railway System

Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis

Union Railroad Company

Western Maryland Railway

Source: The Official Railway Equipment Register, 1/1969

Copyright 2003 Ben Ringnalda