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GN 1936 logoThis website was started in 2000, after I visited the Pacific Northwest to see where my favorite railroad, the Great Northern Railway, had ran and to find traces of its past. I found a lot more than expected. So much actually, that it became a good subject for a thing I had wanted to try for a while; to build a website. Things went downhill (or uphill as you like) from there and the website has grown into an all-round website on the Great Northern Railway, what is left of it today, but also what it was in the past. Much more remains to be visited and/or written about, so this website will keep on growing.

To see what has been added recently, please visit the 'What's new?' page. For a general overview of all the pages located in this web, please take a look at the 'Site Map'. If you're thinking about visiting these GN sights yourself please read the 'Disclaimer' first.


Finally, any constructive comments about this website can be sent to me via the 'Contact' button on the bottom of the page. Please feel also free to contribute information or photos and help me share the Great Northern Railway with railfans all over the World Wide Web.


Thanks for visiting!

Ben Ringnalda