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Preserved Great Northern Steam Locomotives


This list is sorted by engine number. A link is provided if there is more information available about that steam locomotive on this website or anywhere else on the World Wide Web.


To read more about these locomotives go to the Steam Locomotives page.

See also the Preserved GN Steam Tenders page.




'William Crooks'

'1' Click for larger image 4-4-0 1861 9/1897 Duluth, MN Lake Superior Transportation Museum Owned by the Minnesota Historical Society
1147 F-8 Click for larger image 2-8-0 8/1902 6/1956 Wenatchee, WA City Park  
1246 F-8 Click for larger image 2-8-0 11/1907 7/1953 Merrill, OR South of town, at the SP tracks  
1355 H-5 Click for larger image 4-6-2 Rebuilt from E-14 1020 5/1924 7/1955 Sioux City, IA Siouxland Historical Railroad Association, Milwaukee Shops Currently undergoing cosmetic restoration. Follow news and  progress on the SHRA blog.
2507 P-2 Click for larger image 4-8-2 10/1923 12/1957 Wishram, WA Near the depot Hidden under shelter.
2523 P-2 Click for larger image 4-8-2 10/1923 4/1958 Willmar, MN Kandiyohi County Historical Society  
2584 S-2 Click for larger image 4-8-4 3/1930 12/1957 Havre, MT Havre Depot  
3059 O-1 Click for larger image 2-8-2 2/1913 12/1957 Williston, ND Williston Depot  
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