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Preserved Great Northern Passenger Cars


This list is an attempt to roster all remaining Great Northern passenger cars. Included are also cars  that were used on GN trains and painted in GN colors but owned by CB&Q and SP&S. The list is sorted by car type. Since many cars went through several changes in their lives, and were often converted into different types, each car is listed in the category it was in when last used in revenue service on the GN. This list is probably far from complete. I welcome your additions!  


Preserved Baggage and Express Cars

Preserved Business Cars

Preserved Coaches

Baggage and Express Cars

Business Cars


Preserved Combines

Dining Cars

Preserved Dome Cars

Preserved Heater Cars


Dining Cars

Dome Cars

Heater Cars

Preserved Observation Cars

Preserved Railway Post Office cars

Preserved Sleeping Cars

Observation Cars

Railway Post Office Cars

Sleeping Cars