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Passenger Cars


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Early in railroad history passengers were very important to railroads. As roads were mere tracks, many people preferred to travel by train for comfort and speed. With passing of time cars started to become more popular and roads were built to accommodate them. The freedom to go wherever and whenever made cars quickly popular and people started to turn away from trains. To keep up with competition and improve safety early wooden passenger cars were replaced with heavyweight all-steel cars. After World War II, the Great Northern was faced with worn out equipment and, with passenger levels at an all time high, decided to re-equip its prime passenger trains with lightweight equipment. To keep up with the ever growing competition of the automobile, GN re-equipped its prime trains like the famous Empire Builder and Western Star several times, but all to no avail. GN kept its pride though, and with a 'Clean window train' motto, it maintained a high level of service on its trains, all the way to the end. These pages will show the equipment that made it all possible.


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