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Freight Cars


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Freight was always an important source of revenue for the Great Northern Railway. It became even more important when passenger demand got smaller and smaller. The GN followed the general practice of railroads when it came to using types of equipment to haul freight. In the beginning boxcars accounted for the majority of cars on Great Northern's roster. With progress and changing requirements in the transportation industry, more and more varied types of freight cars were needed. Towards the end of the GN era large groups of covered hoppers, jumbo woodchip cars, TOFC flat cars and auto racks entered the roster. The GN was good in recycling, and did so also with its freight cars by rebuilding many or adapting them for other uses. These pages will show the freight cars the GN owned, their paint schemes and the ones that are still around.


Freight Car Series

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Preserved GN Freight Cars

Still Active GN Freight Cars

Types and Series

Paint Schemes


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